Zoho Mail – Free Email Service

Introduction of Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a solid online email service with enough storage, access to POP and IMAP. It has some integration with online office suites and instant messaging. It is more helpful identifying essential contacts and messages, organizing mail and sending oft-used replies.

Zoho Mail

Description of Zoho Mail

This is a free email service provider which has an unlimited storage for personal use. It can be accessing services and email programs through both IMAP and POP. In Zoho Mail, email chats can be read in context with a tree view and it can archive old mail automatically. It has Zoho Chat instant messaging and gives some integration with Google Docs for attachment and Zoho apps.

There are some certain paid Zoho Mail accounts that offers synchronization and Exchange ActiveSync for push email. It can be established to recover mail from POP accounts and send from its web interface using all of your addresses. It contains free-form labels and folders that can let you organize mail. It has spam filter files that junk out of the inbox.

It consists of templates which enable you to save email text for future re-use, as well as outbox which can delay the delivery of mail for some time so as to allow its ‘unsending’. Business hosting plans allow you to use it with your own email policies and domains.

Advantages of Zoho Mail

  • It has labels and comprehensive search which help to organize mail
  • It has ample storage
  • It provides access to IMAP and POP access
  • It does not display advertisement
Disadvantages of Zoho Mail
  • Though It provides templates but it cannot be used for canned replies.
  • It does not contain self-learning folders and saved searches
  • It d0es not have the capability of accessing other IMAP accounts

Zoho Mail

Guide Review – Zoho Mail

Mail is a very pivotal thing to have especially when you have an office. It is so indispensable that any office without mail in the technology age deserves a question mark. It can do what other mails do except in some situations. There are certain privileges you enjoy just by mere using a Zoho Mail. For instance, It has access to IMAP and POP.  It has an ample storage. In other words, it has unlimited space for personal accounts with enough traffic allotment. As if that is not good enough, you can set up other email accounts in Zoho Mail for receiving and sending mail. However, the former works for POP but not for IMAP accounts.

Zoho Mail