YOBE: Pictures of the Burial of the Father, Mother, and Two Sisters Killed by Their Son in Yobe

Wonders they say will never end. What a world we live in that a son and a brother would unleash such a massacre against his own blood. Could this be a blessing or a curse?

Yesterday morning, the Potiskum part of Yobe state were jampacked with a crowd of people who witnessed the funeral of father, mother and two sisters who were brutalized into their early graves by their son and brother. The culprit, Adamu Mai Bisco who is in his late 20’s is said to be a drug addict.
On Monday night, he had used a shovel to ruthlessly scythe his family members to death while they were sleeping. The family members had woken up in the grave to see what the misconduct of their own blood that caused them. If he could do this to his family, he cannot pity anyone else.
The victims have been buried in accordance with the Islamic rites yesterday morning.
However, he has been arrested and will be arraigned in court sooner than later.