Yandex.Mail – Free Email Service

Introduction of Yandex.Mail

Yandex.Mail is a free and online service provider whose functions like reminders, e-cards, reminders and keyboard shortcuts assist handle mail with humour and effectiveness. Its text snippets support templates and its rules could be more versatile. This free email service provides a usable, full and rich email experience with great web access, mobile applications, unlimited storage, POP and IMAP access. It can work as a full we-based IMAP client.


Description of Yandex.Mail

  • Yandex.Mail fetches mail from IMAP and POP email account and messages can be sent using the addresses of these accounts from Yandex.Mail web interface.
  • It gives free email accompanied with limitless online storage which starts at 10GB and boosting in 1GB steps as needed.
  • It has built-in-translator which facilitates in reading and sending on languages you can barely write and speak.
  • For easy re-use, it allows you save messages as templates.
  • It can remind you about message whose reply you have not received timely (within 5 days)
  • Messages can be scheduled to be delivered automatically at a later date and time
  • It can require the standard DSN delivery notifications for the messages you send
  • With the use of filters, you can establish Yandex.Mail to automatically perform tasks like deleting particular mail, forwarding the mail to another address, sending automatic replies (say while you are at work) or filing in a Yandex.Mail address
  • Each mail has a folder carrying many labels and this enables you to properly organize messages in a way that suits you
  • E-cards that are built right into Yandex.Mail make sending wishes, invitations and day-to-to greetings as easy as ABC.
  • It is available in a version that makes use of simple HTML and this may perform better with certain internet connections and browsers.
  • A virus and spam filter categorizes and clears Yandex.Mail inbox junks and expels the virus-laden emails
  • It has simple task manager that is built in it which allows you keep a to-do list right at hand with it due date.
  • It can find emails quick with free-form search
  • The keyboard shortcuts make the operation of Yandex.Mail vey efficient and fast.
  • Different themes adds colour and liveliness in Yandex.Mail
  • Combination with Yandex.Disk allows you to send bigger files without the emails growing too big. Notes that files received in a number of common document formats (which also includes Doc, PPT, PDF, RTF and XLS) can be viewed in Yandex.Mail
  • It includes an RSS news feed reader which operates independently from email. However, it does not treat news items like messages.
  • It offers both POP and IMAP access and its account can be conveniently set up in mobile and desktop email programs

Pros of Yandex.Mail

  • Related emails are easily found by thread and contacts
  • It allows you schedule mails and receives reminders if you get no reply
  • It has an unlimited online storage
  • IMAP and POP give flexible access to Yandex.Mail
Cons of Yandex.Mail
  • It has no filter and text snippets that learn by example
  • It does not access IMAP account like desktop email program.