Yahoo Mail – Free Email Service

Introduction of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is an ever present and free email program on the web, mobile devices, Windows 8 with an unlimited storage space, social networking, SMS texting and instant messaging to boot. Generally, Yahoo! Mail is very wonderful to use. It has smart folders and free-form labeling that are nice and its spam filter catches junks more easily and efficiently.

Yahoo Mail

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Description of Yahoo Mail

  • Its capability to act as a social network allows you to connect to Yahoo! And Facebook users whose mail gets extra treatment
  • Paid Ad Free Yahoo Mail does not include advertisements
  • Its keyboard shortcuts, address auto-completion, tabs, drag and drop improve its desktop qualities and makes it a joy to use.
  • All links to Yahoo! Mail (via the web, apps and through SMTP, IMAP, POP) make use of encryption by default for security.
  • It provides slick web-based or powerful native application to mobile devices like Androids and iPhones.
  • It offers free email account accompanied with 1TB online storage space at the, and domain
  • You have 2-step authentication and on-demand passwords together with application passwords to secure your mail.
  • You have easy access to Yahoo Mail on the web, through POP and IMAP. IMAP uses certain devices and email programs.
  • Your mail in your Yahoo Mail account can be forwarded to another email address
  • You have up to 200 filters to automatically file incoming mail
  • Blocking instant messaging contact and email addresses is possible
  • Apart from sending mail, you can send instant messages and SMS texts to Yahoo, Windows Live contacts and Facebook.
  • You have disposable email address that allows you to create and delete addresses that deliver to your Yahoo Mail account as long as they are active
  • By design, it collects junk emails in a ‘Spam’ folder and you can always report any unwanted mail the filter missed.
  • With Yahoo Mail, you can collect mail from additional POP accounts and send their addresses with the use of web interface.

Pros of Yahoo Mail

  • It comes with 1TB online storage space
  • It integrates instant messaging, social networks, email and SMS text messaging
  • With its keyboard shortcuts, a desktop-like interface and attention to details, Yahoo Mail is very adorable to use
Cons of Yahoo Mail
  • It does not set up smart folders or label messages freely
  • Its Spam filter is more precise and its manual rules are more flexible.

Visit their Website here