World’s Largest Cruise Ship, Harmony of the Seas worth a Staggering Sum of $1bn Arrives Britain (Pictures)

The biggest cruise ship in the world arrived Britain after dawn on Tuesday. A small crowd of aficionados and well-wishers had gathered to welcome the £800million Harmony of the Seas at its arrival. The cruise ship measures not less than four football pitches in length. It has a maximum capacity for 6,780 passengers – has docked in Southampton for last preparations before it embarks on its maiden tour.


However, tens of thousands of people are anticipated to visit the coastal city this week to get a peek of the humongous boat before it starts carrying paying passengers for the first time. Harmony of the Seas navigated through the Southampton Water and arrived at Southampton shortly after 6:15am after voyaging from a shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France and spending its Monday cruising the English Channel.
Harmony of the Seas as the magnificent ship is called is slated to depart on Sunday on a short cruise – a four-day taster sail to Rotterdam in Netherlands. On the 29th of May, it will make its maiden navigation to Barcelona to base for 34 seven-night tours of the western Mediterranean this summer. It will cruise between Florida and the Caribbean this winter. Meanwhile, Royal Caribbean International’s 18-deck ship has broken new records for length (1,1188ft), width (215.5ft), gross tonnage (227,000), staterooms (2,747), and passenger capacity ( a maximum of 6,780 or 5,479 at double occupancy).
With 2,100 crew from 77 countries, the floating city boasts of a 10-storey slide that is the tallest at sea, a casino, 20 dinning venues, 23 swimming pools, 52 trees, climbing walls, robot bartenders, seven ‘neighbourhoods’ and surf simulators.
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 Credit: UK Daily Mail