Woman puts her Toddler in Burning SUV, enters into it and they both burn to death

On Thursday night, eye-witnesses called 911 when they saw an SUV swallowed up in fire in the unincorporated Athens area South of Downtown Los Angeles. Eye witnesses saw a woman enter into and out of the SUV while it was combusting.

Burning SUV

On Friday, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department stated that eye-witnesses revealed that the woman placed a toddler that was about 3 to 4 years old in the car consumed with fire, then entered into it and both died in the fire. After the fire was quenched, authorities discovered the two bodies but then they were dead had died at the scene

In addition, they told the police that people in a nearby park screamed at the woman to remain outside the car but she totally ignored them and entered into it.

Homicide investigators are looking into the situation to ascertain why the woman killed herself and her kid. They are also trying to find out how the fire started and identify the woman and her child.