Curiosity as to why the Eastern region suffer backwardness in infrastructural facilities like building of good road networks, renovating and developing our institutions of learning to a good standard, equipping our health structures for a quality health service delivery
drove me into the archive of our past political Igbo leaders with the pages of the seating Igbo leaders painstakingly flipped to know how democratic they have being since they assumed their respective leadership positions.

Not only am I shocked at the discovery of their pattern of democracy, my heart bled at how some of them amassed the wealth meant for their people for their self-aggrandizement without feeling the prick at their conscience. They have no idea of what democracy depicts. What they practice is “Selflocracy”- government of themselves for themselves and by themselves. It’s high time we stopped heaping blames on the Northerners or Southerners, not even President Buhari for our self-inflicted predicament. Some of our Igbo political leaders are our own worst enemies. They are the bone of contention. When the cause of a thing is not known, solution is difficult to get.

Despite the allocations which the Eastern states are entitled to every month, they hyper-inflates the tuition fees of the higher institutions(e.g my Alma mater) with total disregard to their campaign promises, cared less about the disgusting condition of our hospitals because they seek self-profit (e.g is the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital and her on and off industrial actions), escalate the already devastated federal roads by overlooking it’s death-trap condition or fair enough awarding the road contract to contractors who lack expertise, hoard employment positions hence making the already compacted labour market oversaturated, refusing to pay as at when due or reducing the salaries of civil servants who pay through their nose to sustain where they reside. President Buhari doesn’t reside in the East neither does he hold any position in the East to prove that he is our major problem. Some of our political Igbo leaders are interested in monopolizing our wealth, enjoy giving us crumbs as though we are paupers. Why can’t some of our corrupt and greedy driven Igbo political leaders be friendly to us?
…If our political Igbo leaders can lead us right, we will suffer less in Nigeria. It is the rat in the house that eats the fish.