Without an intention to overestimate the impact and value of Nursing in the Health sector of Nigeria, Nursing profession in a simplest truth is very indispensable in improving the quality of healthcare rendered to health seekers. It’s not an axiom to infer that without Nursing services, the care given to sickly people is indisputably incomplete.

Nigerian Nurses

It’s saddening that in the community of health profession, nursing welfare(salary structure) and intellectual expansion through internship program are the least considered. What is good to the goose is good to the gander. For fairness and equality and for heaven’s sake, graduates of Nigerian nurses should be paid their respect of internship like every other health profession existent in the health field.

Based on their relevance in the health system, Nursing profession in a fairest treatment has earned an internship program to upgrade their professionalism and service their remuneration better. It aches my heart that for years of peaceful protests and dialogues, the Ministry of Health and other concerned relevant authorities have not deemed it right to award internship program to a profession as noble and pivotal as Nursing Science. One-year Internship scheme is the right of graduate of Nigerian nurses and it’s pathetic that this right of theirs is treated with neglect and frivolity.