It’s a general belief that change is the only thing that is constant. Women of past centuries are not simulacrum with women that belong to this 21st century. Civilization and acculturation have exponentially left a discernible improvements in the lives of women in recent times. It’s not an object of controversy and debate to infer that women of 21st century are more accessible than women of the past centuries
. The competence of today’s women depicts how much they have improved in their cerebral capacity. They have moved from the dungeon of suppression and disdain and gravitated to places of recognition where men even dread to tread. Unlike women of the past century whom out of intimidation and oppression cared little or nothing about their rights, today’s women are enlightened; they know their rights and claim their privileges. The accessibility of women in today’s century is attested to education and women empowerment which are like oil bean spreading and implanting itself in areas of low enlightenment.

Without doubt, education was a change women in the past century were deprived of without apology due to the culture that was existent then. The society then suffered from a sickly mindset that suppressed the voices of women and made them uphold a pathetic belief that they only belongef to the kitchen, they were properties ownef by men and were contemptibly referred to as sex machines whose duty are to birth children. Many women were physically abused, sexually harrased, subjected to domestic violence and hard labour because the society was pitiably myopic enough to tag them as properties. Today, the old bad stories have changed for good. Education has catapulted many women to limelight and many more are still flooding the limelight bringing national growth and development that are fantastic. Through education, women are virtually in all the prominent occupations including politics which is considered a patriarchal profession, business and entrepreneurship which is reputed to be mostly a masculine occupation, religion and sports. In education sector, women are proudly representing in both numerical strength and intellectual apt. Many are in health and legal professions, journalism, force agencies and so on and they are graciously creating impacts. Education has made many women men on skirt.

Therefore, it will suffice to say that education has entrenched an indelible impact in women of the present age. There is no degree of emphasis that will be enough to explain the vital pertinence of education in today’s women. Education has made women to recognise their worths, defend and speak up for their rights and has mafe them requisite tools for national development. Nowadays, people no longer uphold the ancient belief that “Training a woman is a liability”. It is attestable that “Training a woman is training a society.