My Way Mail – Free Email Service

Introduction of My Way Mail

My Way Mail is a functional and free online electronic mail service provider that has a task list as well as calendar. It offers more help in organizing and composing messages. It places ads in outgoing emails.

My Way Mail

Description of My Way Mail

This is a free email service that offers free integrated web-based email, task and calendaring management as well as free 1000MB of online mailbox space. It allows you to check external POP accounts. It comprises a spam filter and custom which helps to sort out messages and automatically forward them. It has an out-of-office-auto-responder which replies for you while you are away from email.

Advantages of My Way Mail

  • It gives one the opportunity to download mail from external POP into My Way Mail
  • It provides free 1000MB email accounts that contain a task list and calendar
  • A desktop-like interface that is rich makes it comfortable to use

Disadvantages of My Way Mail

  • Accessing My Way Mail through POP or IMAP is not possible
  • You also cannot forward My Way Mail to another address
  • It puts ads in outgoing messages
  • It does not have smart folders and labels
        My Way Mail
  Guide Review – My Way Mail

It provides folders and filters (including an out-of-office-auto-responder) which plays a good role in organizing your mail. It does not have labels and filters that automatically learn. However, it has solid spam filter that presumably does that.

It has a desktop-like interface that is faster in places. Though it quirks but functions well overall for email, calendar and task management. Its ‘My Day’ page accumulates news, tasks, new emails and alert neatly. Through the use of rich formatting, It helps you compose emails and replies. Meanwhile, it is depleted of templates but it places ads in the emails you send.