War Room; A Christian American Movie That Is Better Watched Than Being Told

War Room is a much trumpeted Christian movie that is worth the watch. It is an American movie which starred black Americans playing
the major characters. War room cuts across all races, quenching the flames of trending racial tensions in America and most importantly teaching families the best way to fight family troubles that pop up without our knowledge of its impending catastrophe it will inflict on us when we fail to fight the right way. War Room is 
scripture based, written from an evangelical perspective, revealing how powerful the tools of fervency in prayer and steadfastness in faith are in warring against the real enemy(devil) of our homes. War room teaches that there is an element to the way we fight family battle that has efficacy and potency that will be entirely different if we fight the battle any other way.
War room is a highly acclaim American Christain movie that is well coveted in many families and in Christian organisations. Indubitably, the movie hit the jackpot and evidently, spread like the wild fire across the length and breadth of the globe and capturing the attention of audience and spelling out feasible solutions to families’ altercation and acrimony. War Room automatically has become a household name in many Christian assemblies for its singular revelation of an effectual strategy to cementing  the cracked walls of of our families nd securing marriages. War Room was officially hit the theaters on 28 August, 2015. And on 22nd December, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released War Room on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. Initially War Room received massive criticisms and negative reviews but much later, it became a sleeper hit that is well recommended and marketed mostly among Christian audience.
War Room is a movie initiative of the successful White American Kendrick brothers who are magnate in producing Christian movies. The movie was written by the Kendrick brothers, Alex and Stephen. While Alex Kendrick directed the movie, Stephen Kendrick and Gary Wheeler produced it. It starred New York Times Best-selling Christian Author and Bible teacher, Priscilla Shirer who is the daughter of Tony Evans. It also featured Beth Moore, a popular American Evangelist, Author and Bible Teacher too. Both Priscilla Shirer and Beth More are Christian Media Personalities and been casts in War Room movie attracted more attention to the movie. Meanwhile Beth Moore did not feature a lot in the movie as many speculated. Room is the fifth film project of the Kendrick brothers and their first film project through Kendrick Brothers Productions. However, they collaborated with Provident Films, Affirm Films and TriStar Pictures to release the film. Unlike speculations, War Room was not produced by Sherwood Pictures, the Church based film production company which produced their initial films. It was produced by Faithstep Films founded by the Kendrick brothers. War Room is believed to be the most lucrative movie the Kendrick brothers have ever produced.
War Room Casts
Priscilla Shirer as Elizabeth Jordan
T.C Stallings as Tony Jordan
Karen Abercrombie as Miss Clara Williams
Alex Kendrick as Coleman Young
Comedian Micheal Jr as Michael Alexander
Alena Pitts as Danielle Jordan
Jennifer Stephens as Jadin Alexis Harris
Beth Moore as Mandy
Tenae Downing as Veronica Drake
Tom Stafford as Dave Blamy
The Plot
War Room is about a small family, the Jordans who lived comfortably in luxury and had a lot of material possession than they need. However, their marriage was nothing to write home about. It was rift after another. They made mountain out of molehills quarrelling over an already excess money, family relations and others.  The couple had no time to pray together, had inactive sexual life and they were too busy as bees pursuing worldly assets, paying little or probably no attention to the parental needs of their daughter Alena Pitts who acted as Danielle. Before they could notice it, Danielle had begun to feel isolated, sad and unloved. T.C Stallings was the head of family and he played the role of Tony Jordans. He was a pharmaceutical Salesman and he was remunerated handsomely that he had nothing to grumble about his job. Notwithstanding his company’s hospitality and special treatment, Tony was into a dubious deal, stealing the company’s pharmaceutical products, selling them for his own avaricious and selfish profits. To add more pepper to injury, he had already started to ponder about committing adultery with his colleague, Tenae Downing who acted as Veronica Drake.
His wife, Priscilla Shirer played the character of Elizabeth Jordan. Elizabeth was fed up with Tony as she saw him as her own enemy. The love she had for him was diminishing at every breaking of each day and her joy was stolen ever since she found out that she had no place in the heart of Tony.
Already, Elizabeth had started keeping malice for her husband Tony. Elizabeth was a realtor and she met Karen Abercromie who acted as Miss Clara Williams, an old woman to sell her house for her. Instead of talking about selling of the house, Miss Clara began to examine Elizabeth’s private life to her surprise but that marked the starting point of their friendship and Elizabeth’s better approach to family predicament and marriage disturbances.
Miss Clara told Elizabeth that she was fighting the wrong person by fighting her husband and the ship of their marriage would capsize if she continued that way. Miss Clara taught her how to pray and plead to God for her husband. She showed Elizabeth an apartment in her house she called War Room where she made intercession for her family. Elizabeth emulated her pattern of prayer, created a War Room in her home and began to pray to God about Tony, something she had never done. She apologized to Danielle to forgive her for drifting away from the love she should be showering her. That scene was really emotional and Danielle played her character intelligently.
Later, Tony Jordan was fired from his job. One day he realized how much her wife loved him despite how he maltreated her and was cheating on her. He regretted is actions, cried in profundity for genuine penitence, apologized to her wife and daughter and promised to turn a new leaf by becoming a better husband and father. Tony revealed to his wife the pharmaceutical products that he stole and they both resolved that he should return it to the company even though they were quite aware of the penalty of been imprisoned for it. Fortunately, his boss, Alex Kendrick decided to forgive him for his sincerity and Tony didn’t go to jail. Tony decided to participate in Double dutch, a game his daughter, Danielle so much loved. They went for competition and they came second. They movie ended happily, the once torn apart family became close knitted, loving and caring for one another. It wouldn’t be so if the tool of ardency in prayer to God was not employed. Prayer can change anything.
Instead of carnally fight a battle we will surely lose to more family disaster and marriage woes, let us engage in spiritual warfare by praying because it is the best way to even win a battle we think we have lost.