Top 13 Blogging Tips You Must Know Before Applying For Google Adsense Account

This article will enable to know the paramount things you need to put into consideration before you submit your application for the approval of your google adsense. Google Adsense is very relevant because of its financial attachment.


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Before making use of for Google AdSense software, here are 13 elements you ought to think about before submitting application for approval:

  1.  Your internet site should have a minimum forty first-class articles that is not always copyrighted
  2.  The weblog ought to have at the very least 50 pages
  3.  Google analytic code
  4.  Weblog person revels in
  5. Webmasters verification : Google verification code and bing verification code
  6.  The website needs to have the following essential pages:
    • About Us
    • Touch Us
    • Disclaimer policy
    • Privateness policy
    • phrases of utilization
  7. Your blog should have a valid custom domain and emails
  8. The blog ought to be able to force natural site visitors
  9. Avoid showing some other 0.33 events commercials
  10.  The links constructing, keywords and sitemap ought to be so as
  11. Area of interest: Google in keeping with facts to be had suggests that blogs with niche protecting health, virtual advertising and marketing, law, commercial enterprise, technology, entrepreneurship, travels, job creations, life and social media stands the higher probabilities of google approving the blog for adsense software. Google may reject your application in case you are running a blog on micro area of interest and occasions niche
  12. Google Plus: Google uses google plus feeds to fetch new contents for its search engine, therefore when you have an energetic google+ account and hold sharing your weblog posts with attractive images and contents, google will index your web page faster.
  13.  Facebook Fan web page: data indicates that facebook has over one thousand million lively customers, developing a fan web page where you keep sharing weblog posts with followers will make search engines like google and yahoo rank your blog better due to the fact the more you percentage your weblog contents, the quicker it will reach the viral community, and in case your facebook page is new, it’s miles better to engage your target market with viral contents consisting of snap shots, videos and jokes.