On the premises of what is trending in the Nigeria’s judiciary, it is almost indisputable to infer that Nigeria is a nation existing without an independent judicial system. Politically revealing my views, Nigeria’s judiciary in often cases doesn’t recognize Themis, the Symbolic statue of justice even though it is magnificent and
towering virtually at every court to guide them in making an uncompromising and uninfluential judgement.

It won’t be fair to say that Nigeria’s judiciary is like a harlot but that is almost what it is. This is because it dances to the tune of the highest bidder to pass her judgement. With what happened between APGA and PDP in Abia state gubernatorial tussle and in Kofi state I will like to disapprove with the saying that the “Judiciary is the last hope of the common man”. Our judiciary is malleable and cloyingly sentimental. How can an appeal court pass two contradictory verdicts simultaneously? Our judiciary must certainly be an author of confusion.

It’s pathetic that Nigeria’s judiciary is volatile and bereft of symbols of justices. It’s eyes are open and not blindfolded. It almost has no sword, scroll and weighing scales. Not every cases that is brought on the table of Nigeria’s judicial receives the right judgement.