This sun smiling dangerously at me this afternoon. Is it just all about the weather condition or could it be that there is something else I did wrong?

The Angry Heat

The broad smile of the sun is even doing us more harm than good. I wish the sky would cry so that the wet in its eyes could bring us relief. I am beginning to feel pity for my fellows in the hinterlands who probably may have no shoes to match on the hot-tempered soil. I definitely know that the ground will hurt them intensely. It will roast their feet with its heated rage.

More Lessons from The Angry Heat

Had a good experience of hell on earth. And for that sake I won’t ever have to go to hell. While we are all screaming on top of our dry throat that the clime is hot and unfriendly, we passed a heated flame of fire blazing combustibly with the help of the heated blow of the dry wind.

Oh dear Jesus! Our bodies became hotter. It is true we were in a moving vehicle, but the scorching heat we felt within the seconds the vehicle passed the burning fire, we needed no one to convince us of how unsympathetically hotter hell will be. It is much better to imagine it than wish to experience it because you cannot tell its story.

Oh my Heavenly Father, for the sake of not going to hell. Help me to make Heaven. This heat is too much!