Texas Mum Kills Her Two Daughters and let her Husband live so he will suffer

A 42-year-old Texas mum and wife named Christy Sheats who killed her two pretty young daughters and allowed her husband to survive was shot dead by the police. Reports say that Christy Sheats had let her husband, Jason Sheat survive so that he would live with the agony and anguish of losing his entire family.

Christy Sheats

Christy was said to have been upset by the approaching marriage of her 22-year-old eldest daughter, Taylor. Due to that, she summoned her husband and daughters for a family meeting where she pulled out her 38 Caliber handgun which according to her was given by her great grandfather to ‘protect her family’.
Immediately, she pointed the gun right at her husband, Jason Sheats and at her daughters, Taylor and 17-year-old Madison.

They all became frightened as her husband, Jason pleaded with her not to shoot them and promised to do whatever thing she wanted.

A call the two daughters pulled through to 911 revealed what took place during the family meeting. A disturbed neighbor also called after Jason, Taylor and Madison ran out of the house. According to the neighbor who was obviously in distress, Christy Sheats wore a purple dress. Meanwhile, Sheats went back inside the house, reloaded the gun, came out and shot her eldest daughter, Taylor. While she was screaming, the Fulshear,Texas, Policeman gunned Sheats down.

A family friend of theirs, Madison Davey sad Sheats hid the handgun in the couch cushions. However, Fort Bend County, Texas, investigators told KHOU 11 that Taylor was once shot while she was inside the house and twice outside the house. Madison was shot just after she ran outside the door of their house and she collapsed and died.
Jason had escaped the tragic scene unhurt because he ran into a neighbour’s house for help and safety. Reports have it that he never knew his wife, Christy owned a gun.