South-East Region, The Least In The List of President Buhari’s Appointments by Region

Channels Television shared a table showcasing the appointments given by President Mohammadu Buhari to the different six geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

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In the table, the South East Region received the smallest number of appointment by the APC President Buhari.In the one hundred and twenty-two appoints given by President Buhari, the North West region has the highest number of appointment which is 34, seconded by the North East region which is 25 followed by South West region which has 18 appointments.  The South-South region has 17 appointments and the North Central region has a total of 16 appointments. South East region is the most cheated in the appointment by president Buhari as their appointment is only but 12.

Appointments by President Buhari

As if that is not enough, the Security appointments given by president Buhari has all the geopolitical zones except the South East. While North West (Borno State) has two appointments, South West (Ekiti State), North East (Bauchi State), South South (Cross River State), North West (Zamfara State) have one appointment each.

The South East geo-political zone is completely left out in the Security Chief Appointments.

Appointments by President Buhari