See what a heartless Woman did to her new born baby

While some barren women have continued to visit churches and even herbalists crying

in profundity and sincerity for the fruit of the womb, one heartless woman dumped her new born baby soiled with blood and wrapped in the popular walking talking polythene bag, glaringly lying lifeless in the road side of Calabar.

Until now, the woman who carried out this inhumane act is not known yet. No one knows why she did such an abominable and cruel thing to such an innocent baby whom God gave her as a blessing. One wonders if this baby will ever forgive this ruthless woman for what she has done. What if she becomes childless in future, will she have anyone to blame? Won’t it be meritable unto her that she becomes childless tomorrow for dumping her baby? Well, it is in God’s hand to judge. May God have mercy!!