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We live in a dynamic world and to flow with the tide of the positive global advancement, we have to be dynamic in our reasoning and participate in the advancement. LCF Global International has offered us a rare business opportunity that’s capable of changing our financial status for a lifetime and make us live the life of luxury and comfort we have always dreamt of.

Picture a future in LCF_Global_International and feature ceaselessly in a life-transforming and remarkable financial realm.

LCF Dollar


You may wonder, what’s the full meaning of LCF and what’s LCF_Global_International all about. The L in LCF stands for House of Rothschild, C for China and F stands for the Future Digital Currency or eCurrerrency.

LCF_Global_Int’l is an initiative of the government of China in collaboration with Rothschild family, one of the wealthiest families that run the economy of the United states. The duos (Government of China and Rothschild Family) in stirring up positive dynamism team up to introduce a distinct currency called LCF CRYPTOCURRENCY.

LCF cryptocurrency is a digital currency which serves as a medium of exchange just like USD currency. However, it is purposefully designed for the exchange of digital information through certain principles of cryptography. The aim of cryptography is to secure transactions and regulate the formation of new coins.


Why am I informing you about LCF_Global_International? It is for you to register and partake in the handsome benefits that come with LCF digital project.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll earn free Chinese Universal Coins that’s equivalent to 1,380 USD. Apart from this free LCF coins that will be given to you, you’ll be able to buy, sell, trade, exchange and save LCF coin among other benefits.

LCF Global International

The crux of the matter now is how do you register? To register, click this link HERE or simply log on to (or alternatively type your details in the comment box below or send it through Whatsapp/SMS to 07065402654 so that you’ll be registered in the Chinese Standard Excel Sheet) and supply the following information about you:

  • Name(Surname, First name and Middle name)
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Sex
  • ID number (National ID Card, Voter’s Card, International Passport, Drivers Licence)

Please note the following:

  1. Do no punctuate (i.e no comma, hyphen, full stop, apostrophe, etc) the details you supply to us.
  2. Write F or M for Sex not Female or Male.
  3. Make SURE your ID is one of those mentioned above.
  4. Add 234 to your phone no (i.e 23470654…..). Make sure that your phone number is CORRECT and COMPLETE.
  5. Provide us with your valid Email Address. But if you don’t have an email, DON’T let it prevent you from applying. However, endeavor to have an email at least for official purpose. You can click HERE or visit Google to create one for yourself.

Make hay while the sun shines by registering for LCF_Global_International. To join the train of millionaires, you have to become a participant and not a spectator.

For more information about LCF_Global_International, visit

LCF Global Int’l,

…Making the lives of people economically better and stronger.

Don’t just ‘spectate’, participate!

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