Psquare Have Convincingly Reconciled; Performed Together at Pal Mundo Festival in Ahoy Rotterdam, Netherlands

Early beginning of March witnessed a blazing outburst from the Squaresville that houses Nigeria’s best talented duo artists, Psquare. The flame of acrimony that involved
Jude Okoye popularly known as ‘Engees’ who is both Psquare’s elder brother and manager and one of the twin brothers, Peter Okoye almost brought the name of PSquare on the verge of precipice. The discord was too intense that PSquare seemingly separated and distinct social media platforms experienced a total unrest gossiping, mocking, debating, advising, couselling, expressing its ill feelings about the whole Psquare’s disharmony and of course proffering realistic remedies to quench the emergence of their split.
According to reports, some of Nigeria’s dignitaries who love the duo artists and do not approve of their split meddled into Psquare’s warring affair to help them bury the hatchet. On the other fans, many of their fans who cannot be counted on the fingers of one hand had sleepless nights worrying about the divided house of Psquare. After some sorts of positive intervention and intercession by many concerned fans and the release of a music track called ‘Call Heaven’ by Paul Okoye of Psquare, heaven according to the sincere plea and touching prayer of Paul came down and reconciled the trio.
With the simultenous tweets of the trio expressing regret and apology and the concert which Peter and Paul did together last Saturday, 26th March at Pal Mundo festival in Ahoy Rotterdam, Neitherland, it is jolly evident that Psquare is back together, stronger, inseparable and with greater love for each other.
However, Psquare’s brouhaha was such that did not appeal to the sensibilities of their fans and if that feud was a sort of joke, I implore them not to repeat it because it was very expensive. They almost committed murder. Yeah of course! They would have murdered the ecstasy and happiness of fans who are more acquainted with them as one than two.
Psquare have come a long way together that their fans cannot imagine their separation. The thought of Psquare division tortured a number of their die-hard fans who love their music and love seeing them together. Psquare is one not two(Mr P and Rudeboy). Psquare is one just like the married couple that is one. Their bond as twin brothers and the long time affinity through their closeness from childhood have made them inseparable at least in their music career.
Meanwhile, it is indisputable that the writer of the popular nursery school poem:
“…Fly away Peter, fly away Paul
Come back Peter, come back Paul
Come back two little black birds
And sit on the wall”, had Peter and Paul of Psquare in mind when penning down the poem.
This poem is enough proof that Peter cannot do without Paul and vice versa. Now they are sitting on the wall(that is back together again), may their bond get stronger in love and peace! Now that it is certain that anyone who robs Peter to pay Paul is automatically paying to Psquare, we wish them the best. Go Psquare and do not let anything quarrel come between the both of you. One love!!!

 Peter and Paul performed Live last Saturday in Pal Mundo festival in Netherland.

Psquare back and better…Performed together after 3months