‘Prison is Too Good for Vaso’ Killer’, says Mother of Student Killed by Nigerian Uche Ejimonye

Zheneta Kakko,the mother of a student stabbed to death for teasing a friend, Uche Ejimonye about his facial appearance said that the cold-blood killer should never be freed from the prison.

Vaso Kakko

The accuse, Uche Ejimonye who s 20-years-old faces being sentenced to life imprisonment on 23 June, 2016 by the Old Bailey after he was convicted of the crime of murdering Vaso Kakko, a seventeen year old teenager in Holloway.

The cpurt was told that Uche Ejimonye slashed the teenager’s throat last November before he plunged the blade into his back in vengeance after been called ‘Meathead’ and taunted for not having a girlfriend.

Zheneta, Vaso mother who is 49 told the Standard that Ejimonye of a monster was a cold-blooded, professional killer and that he should never be released from the jail.

Ejimonye was said to have left his victim to bleed till his last breathe in a communal garden and later escaped to Bognor Regis where he was apprehended a week later.

Uche Ejimonye
             Uche Ejimonye

Zheneta Kakko attended all the seven days of his trial but rushed out of the court in tears when her son’s murderer acted out the time he ‘sliced him’ in the witness box.

Ms Kakko said her son, Vaso was an ex-pupil at the St Mary Magdalene Academy who was under a business apprenticeship while he was an estate agent. She described him as a hard-working perfect boy with ambition to work in the City.

She said that at her home in Newington Green where she lives with her eldest son, Bruno, 25, walls covered up with the photographs of her son she lost.

“Prison is too good for Vaso’s killer” the devastated mother said. “He’s still breathing, he’s still alive and his family can still visit him. I had to bury my son. We only have pictures. My son wasn’t given a chance to grow up. Half of me died with him, the other half is with Bruno.

The aggrieved Ms Kakko argued Ejimonye’s claims in court that he was acting in self-defence. She said that it was horrible to see and they tried to reduce to rubble my son’s good name. She expressed gratitude to God that the jury saw through his lies and returned saying guilty.

Ms Kakko moved from Greece to the United Kingdom when Vaso was four and pointed out that tougher sentencing is needed for people found with knives but it was too late for her son, Vaso.

Source: Evening Standard