President Buhari: President Buhari’s one year in Office, Is it a thing of joy or a thing of sadness?

President Buhari: President Buhari’s one year in Office, Is it a thing of joy or a thing of sadness?

Exactly one year ago, Nigerians welcomed a new leader to run their affairs. A leader they could trust their future with, a leader that would lead them into their promise land by creating employment opportunities, constructing good refineries, mounting strong security, providing quality education, renovating and building new infrastructural facilities.President Buhari

With that in mind, President Mohammadu Buhari was sworn in as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria after his election as the president.

President Buhari Electioneering Promises

However, during the electioneering campaign, President Buhari who contested with the broom of the All Peoples Congress (APC) made ear-sweetening and fantastic promises that influenced many Nigerians to vote for him as their leader.

When he began his administration, Nigerians thought that he was the Messiah because he started well with this anti-corruption crusade. While he fought corruption, many other campaign promises of his were suffocating and Nigerians suffered enough of its excruciating blows.

It is very disappointing that president Buhari’s one year in office is nothing to write home about if his achievements so far will be compared with his manifestoes before the 2015 general elections. Nigerians have no constant power supply, the poverty rate has so increased that Nigerians wear its scary look on their countenances.

The so-called bribery and corruption he promised to fight with transparency and accountability is fought with scorching nepotism and insalubrious discrimination.

Many of his cronies who looted the public fund are ever freely moves about with restrictions. Provisions of Employment and good security have become promises of jam tomorrow. A thorough analysis and appraisal of the one year in office of President Buhari leaves Nigerians with regret and sorrow.

The Buhari’s administration should rise up to her responsibilities and attend to the needs of Nigerians with fanatic alacrity and desist from cheap talks with skeletal walks. It is the right of Nigerians to demand and have good governance. Nigerians are not ready to pass through another furious fire of change. Enough is enough!