Pictures of Obiamaka Aduba, a Nigerian Woman Who Was Strangled to Death By Her Husband

The lady pictured above is Obiamaka Aduba, a 26-year-old Nigerian who was purportedly strangulated by her 31-year-old husband named Anthony Lopez. These pictures of hers were gotten by Advance from the archive of her photos on her Facebook page.

Her husband, Anthony Lopez had strangled her to death and leaving her with bruises on her body. A police man who was off-duty police officer had observed him on Friday, May 20thwheeling her corpse on a metal dolly down a Mariners Harbor street.
The officer had identified Lopez because he has previously arrested him. On approaching him, Lopez dumped the lifeless body in front of a home on Post Lane and absconded. Obiamaka Aduba was enfolded in a sheet with bruises on her body. It was unclear if it was the contusions that caused her death. The cause of her death will be determined by the city medical examiner.

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Lopez was arrested on Saturday in East Harlem’s 23rd Precinct and taken into custody following a manhunt using dogs and helicopters. Lopez had shaved his head to demystify his physical appearance. The police had found Lopez while acting on a tip and he was apprehended following a brief foot chase.
 When arraigned before Judge William Garnett on Sunday in Richmond County Supreme Court, Lopez pleaded innocent of second degree murder. However, he was detained for homicide without bail.
According to published reports, Lopez beat Obiamaka Lopez and subjugated her to prostitution. Efforts made by Aduba’s mother to help her ended in futility. When contacted on telephone on Sunday, her mother objected talking about the cruel killing of her daughter.
Lopez has a long criminal record including thirty-four prior arrests, fifteen of which are sealed. Those prior arrests include charges of theft, robbery and assault.
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