PHILIPPINES: Manny Pacquiao Voted into Philippines Senate

Manny Pacquiao, WBO World Welterweight Champion who joined politics after his retirement from boxing has been elected into the Philippine’s senate. Pacquiao who is 37 was voted into the senate on Thursday. The Philippine’s elections commission declared him among the 12 new members of the upper house of Congress.


In the previous week, the Philippines had come out in their number to cast their vote to choose a president, vice president, 12 senators, 200 members of the lower house of congress and 18,000 local officials. Fortunately, he was among the 12 senators that was elected into the Philippine’s senate.


While speaking as a new senator, Pacquiao said that he can focus and discipline himself as he did in boxing in order to help the nation. He also stated that he would push for free education at all levels. Pacquiao as a two-term congressman further said that he favours the restoration of death penalty for drug-related offences and other serious crimes.