Ndigbo are outstanding people widely reputed for their innate diligence in all life’s spheres. They are part of the majority ethnicity that constitute Nigeria and are richly blessed with mineral resources that are sustaining the life of the Nigeria’s economy.

Unfortunately, the amalgamation of Nigeria as one sovereign entity has not fairly favoured the Igbo populace. Nigeria’s history bears witness that the Igbo people are unjustly exploited and cheated in state creation, number of local government areas, distribution of the economy’s wealth and infrastructures like international seaports and airports as well as building of quality federal road networks. To cap it all, some of their entitlements and privileges have continued to elude them in a country that says it stands for equity and Justice.

Surprisingly, some Igbo people have accepted these sorry conditions of theirs as a norm and their fate such that at the mention of Biafra, they feel that their lives are threatened. Ironically, they lose their lives to the Nigeria’s unhealthy labour market, deplorable state of Nigeria’s health facilities, death-trap road networks, high cost of living standard and worse of all is a seemingly irredeemable insecurity challenges. Yet, they cling to a level of pathetic nonchalance and complacency instead of trying to bring a lasting solution to their plight. Biafra connotes Freedom. Due to their miragic fear, they prefer thraldom to emancipation leaving me to wonder if they are slaves that love their chains.

It’s pitiable how some Igbo people with their eyes blindly wide-open trade the conscience of the gullibles with their ignorance and misperceptions about restoration of Biafra sovereignty. Being overshadowed with the mentality of pessimism and cowardice, they love to remain third-class citizens than utter positive speeches that project the need of Biafra. In their piggy skull, those who summon the courage to talk about the relevance of Biafra are jobless nincompoops and miscreants. Sad enough, they have accused Biafra supporters of lightening up the fire of violence in their incessant series of peaceful protest. It’s better for any Igbo person to resist casting stones on those who sacrifice their time, money and strength to ensure the struggle for equity is won. Behaving otherwise is sheer betrayal, sabotage and hypocrisy! Nigeria needs to proffer a lasting solution to the disgruntlements of Ndigbo. Enough is enough!