Freedom is not cheap. In the desire for emancipation, there are lots of bottlenecks and saboteurs. It can only take only but a valiant and brilliant fellow like Nnamdi Kanu to pursue the freedom of a people in the face of destructive criticism and unhygienic attack.


It is an uneasy task to convince some countrymen who display pessimism and cowardice to stand and voice out the glaring injustice meted out to them.

Nnamdi Kanu’s courageous step for freedom is inspiring and touching. Such step can only be taken by vision-driven people who are altruistic and seek the betterment of their people. It is an uphill task to be this selfless and sacrificial when some people seek to betray your efforts for their personal gains. His resolute commitment for Biafra’s independence shows how much he verily loves his people. Unfortunately, some people are casting stones on him and confiscating people’ right sense of judgement against him.

I strongly believe that Biafra restoration is a divine project that must be accomplished. Biafra’ destiny may be delayed but not denied. The unwholesome torture Nnamdi Kanu is passing through in detention will not linger too long. For this freedom he fights out of love, peace and justice for his people, God will not protect him. He will live to

It is a shame that some people are afraid to boldly tell the government how they marginalize them because they enjoy executive thralldom.

What a valiant freedom fighter hero Biafra has in Nnamdi Kanu.