How to Open an Account on Gmail; Gmail Sign In, Gmail Registration and More on Sign In

Gmail is an online mail service provider. It is one of the popularly used electronic mail. provides an opportunity of signing up for an account managed by Google. Before you consider having a Gmail address, you need to follow a process of Gmail Registration which is very easy.

To open a Gmail account is not a big deal. All you to do is to follow a simple step of creating a Gmail account and you have your account. Gmail Registration is easy. Meanwhile, Gmail account is free like every other electronic mail.

Gmail Registration

Gmail Registration: Steps on How to Create a Gmail Account for Gmail Sign in and more on

  • Visit which is the Gmail Registration portal
  • Click on the “Create Account Bar” which is just a little above the sign in bar
  • Then fill I the information required of you in the bars of boxes. This information contains your Full Name, Password (Make sure you choose a strong password that is difficult to guess by others by very easy for you to recall at any time) and Verification Codes.
  • Accept the TOS of Google and click submit
  • Verify your mobile information. However, there are two different forms of verifications namely; Text message verification and an automated Voice verification. Both of them are from Google and they work fine.
  • Choose any of verification methods. When you select a text message, a code will be sent to you as an SMS. If you choose automated voice, a code will be give to you over the phone.
  • Then type in the code in the verification bar. It may take about 15 minutes to receive the code but to all the time. Most springs into your phone before you say Jack Robinson.
  • Finally, impute the code and confirm.

Congratulations! It is as simple as that. You now have you new Gmail account. Meanwhile, you will receive three Email messages welcoming you on board to the platform.


Gmail Sign in

If you want to visit your new Gmail, just log on to their site at  and click on the “Sign in” bar. Just fill in your username and password and it take you to your account.

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