One Dead as New Killer Disease Crippled into Nigeria



While Nigerians are still recovering from Lassa Fever that hit hard on them, another deadly disease has landed with its unusual allergic reaction. The Minister of Health of Health, Isaac Adewole at a press briefing in Abuja on Friday announced the surface of a new deadly disease called Stephens Johnson Syndrome (SJS).

Adewole said that the disease killed one person while another is currently undergoing medical treatment at Abuja’s National Hospital.
Dr. Olanrewaju Falodun who is a Senior Consultant Physician/Dermatologist at the National Hospital, Abuja said that Stephens Johnson Syndrome is an immune complex mediated hypersensitivity reaction that involves the skin and mucous membranes. He said that SJS was first described in 1992 by Frank Johnson and Albert Stevens.
He said that fatigue, fever, running nose, ulcers in mouth, genitals, anal regions and conjunctivitis, general aches as well as pains are symptoms of Stephens Johnson Syndrome. Skin scarring, joint pains, pigmentation problems, obstructive disorders, lung disease, scarred genitals as well as eye complications, ulcers, adhesions and blindness are the health complications of the disease.
Dr. Falodun said that self-medications could be one of its causes as the cause of the disease is yet to be discovered in a quarter to half of cases. He advised Nigerians to stop the misuse of drug. He said those with previous drug reactions should not hesitate to inform healthcare practitioners.
The Health Minister, Isaac Adewole said that efforts to sensitize thw general public about the disease are being made.