Official List of Accredited Courses Available in Tansian University (TANSIAN)

We have assembled the list of all the courses and Departments that are offered to aspiring students of Tansian University,Umunya, Anambra State. We deem it fit compile the official of all the courses because it will be of great help to students while choosing course to study in the university.

Logo of Tansian University

However, Tansian University, Umunya, Anambra State has be given approval by NUC (National Universities Commission) to run the programmes under listed.

Faculties and their various Courses/Departments in Tansian University, Umunya

Faculty of Education

Special Education

  • Department of Primary Education (B.Ed)
  • Department f Education Management (B.Ed)
  • Department of Guidance and Counseling (B.Ed)

Arts Education

  • Department of Education/English Language & Literary Studies (B.A in Ed)
  • Department of Education/CRS (B.A in Ed)

Science Education

  • Department of Education/Biology (B.Sc in Ed)

Social Science and Vocational Education

  • Department of Education/Economics (B.Sc in Ed)
  • Department of Education/Political Science (B.Sc in Ed)
  • Department of Education/Accounting (B.Sc in Ed)

Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

Computer Sciences

  • Department of Computer Science (B.Sc)

Biological Sciences

  • Department of Microbiology (B.Sc)

Chemical Sciences

  • Department of Chemistry (B.Sc)
  • Department of Biochemistry (B.Sc)

Faculty of Management and Social Sciences


  • Department of Economics (B.Sc)


  • Department of Accounting (B.Sc)
  • Department of Banking and Finance (B.Sc)

Business Administration

  • Department of Business Administration (B.Sc)

Mass Communication

  • Department of Mass Communication (B.Sc)

Political Science

  • Department of Political Science (B.Sc)

Philosophy and Religious Studies

  • Department of Philosophy (B.A)