Nigeria’s 13 Year Old Pregnant Girl rescued by Danish Aid Worker to Undergo Caesarean Section Due to her Incomplete Developed Pelvis.

An Akwa Ibom’s 13-year old pregnant girl called Ekemini who was rescued by Anja Ringgren Loven, a Danish Aid Worker will undergo a caesarean section operation owing to doctos’s unfavourable discovery about the condition of her baby in the uterus. The doctors discovered that her baby’s position in the uterus is abnormal. In addition, her pelvis is not completely developed because of her young age.

 Anja whom through the collaboration of her husband, David Emmanuel Umem as well as their team rescued Ekemini said that the little will undergo Caesarean section because she will not be able to deliver safely through the vagina. According to her, the Caesarean section is preferably a better option in order to avoid prolongs labour and complications which may set in while trying to deliver vaginally.

 After rescue, Ekemini was brought to DINNødhjælp/ACAEDF Childrens’ Home in Nigeria. Meanwhile, the little boy (pictured with Ekemini) also will undergo an operation. He has hypospadias, an inborn medical condition whereby one has an incomplete developed urethra. According to doctors’ reports, urethral meatus opens incorrectly at different locations along the underside of the scrotum, penis or the perineum
Owing to the exorbitant cost of Ekemini and Hope’s operations, financial assistance to enable to the two be in good state of health. You can please make a donation to DINNødhjælp via their website,