Mexico: The Body of Ambrose Monye, a Missing Nigerian Student Found in Lake Michigan



Ambrose Monye, a Nigerian student whose where about was unknown has been found but not as a living being but a corpse. According to Nicole Trainor, a Chicago Police Department Spokeswoman, A body was found at 5400 S, Lake Shore Drive but could not be identified after few days when it was identified as Ambrose Monye.
On Sunday the 8th of May, Ambrose Monye’s lifeless body was brought out of Lake Michigan near Promontory Point Park.  In according to report, Ambrose had been missing for over two weeks before he was discovered dead.
Ambrose Monye was at the prime age of 28 years. Until his unfortunate demise, he was a fourth-year medical student at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. On the 21st of April was the last day Ambrose was seen while he trekked towards John Crerar Library, a medical research library in University of Chicago. Ambrose was on a two-year rotation at Jackson Park Hospital and Medical Centre in Chicago.

Ambrose came from a family whose lives spin within the medical profession. His younger brother, Joseph Monye has continued to express shock regarding the sudden death of his brother. He hoped his brother was still alive but for the fact that he had been long he saw him, it was difficult for him to be optimistic. He described his late brother as a quiet and soft-spoken athlete who had zeal to pursue a career in cardiology.
Sad enough, Ambrose pegged out few weeks before his graduation from the medical school.
The cause of his death is yet unknown homicide. However, investigations are ongoing to determine what led to his death.
Source: News One/Fox News