If you are not ready to work, then get ready to be poor. Good things do not come to lazy hands. However, patience and persistence are indispensable keys that can unlock the doors of wealth and luxury. Linda Ikeji needs not to be introduced because she is currently a household name and on the lips of all and sundry including those who won’t have cared to know about her if not for her staggering and ear-deafening success story in the blogging world.

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji was born to the family of Ikeji in Nkwerre Local Government of Imo State, Nigeria in September 19th, 1980. She is the second child among seven children. The beautiful and self-made Linda Ikeji came from a Catholic Christian home. She came from a humble background and she had a good child upbringing.

Linda Ikeji started writing as a hobby when she was only but 10 years old but today, her hobby has turned into her career. Due to her flair for writing and uncommon penchant for journalism, she had an eye to study Mass communication in the university but she ended up studying English Language against her passion. However, the celebrity blogger is an alumnus of University of Lagos and she graduated in 2004.

For Linda Ikeji, the journey to success is not a teaspoon party. She had engaged in all sorts of menial and entrepreneurial works ranging from been a Waitress to been a Model and to Fashion Magazine Columnist in order to support her family for her upkeep and relieve her family of some burdens. Though she was not as successful as she had wanted but she didn’t quench the flame of her courage. She continued to struggle harder to fit into the niche that best suits her so as to survive the economic hardship.

In 2006, she ventured into blogging but not with the frame of mind that she would become as popular and wealthy as she is today. And in 2007, she became a full-fledged blogger but with patience and unrelented dedication to her blogging career, she hit the jackpot and earned for herself popularity, attention and applause. She is one of those female Abrahams who made sacrifices of patience, persistence among others to get her blessings. Today, Linda Ikeji lives comfortably in silver house and she is a success story. The multi-billionaire, chocolate, young, charming and amiable looking lady of a damsel is regarded as the mother of all bloggers. Countless number of people borrow a leaf from her and she is a role model for those who wish to be successful in the blogging career.

In a bid to help women to realize their dreams and help them to grow their business, Linda Ikeji runs a project called “I’d Rather Be Self Made”. She ran the phase 2 of the Women Empowerment Project on Saturday, 12th March 2016 at Surulere, Lagos and countless number of young women massively embraced the program full of joy and better expectation for the future