Man’s Penis Cut off by an Unidentified Person

A man who is yet to be identified has met the worst of his life. He has been handled terribly that he is killed but yet alive. This man (pictured below) was seen at Duport Road along the main motor road in Monrovia, Liberia on Tuesday, 5th of July bitterly crying and screaming, ‘My penis, my penis’ as thick blood gushed from his trouser down to feet he matched on.

Pictures of cuf off Manhood

Later as he wailed and wriggled painfully, it has found that the penis of the man who is in his 30’s was totally cut off by an unknown person.

Liberian Site reports that a swarm of eyewitnesses saw him running in tears, excruciating pain and in the smear of his blood towards the motor road and finally ran onto a moving taxi shouting, ‘My penis, my penis’, magnetizing the attention of the heaving multitude of bystanders.

An 18-year-old Prince Railey who was one of the bystanders told the Insight that the man rushed with heavy speed and bumped into a taxi as he shouted that the car should kill him.

James Mulbah, another onlooker said that the man could not give account of what happened to him or what he had done that made his penis to be scythed. He added that the man was only shouting that it was hard to talk.

Afterward, it was discovered that blood was gushing from his hip region leaking into his trouser. When he opened his trouser, the onlookers got the shock of their life. His penis was chopped off from its fulcrum. He was only crying when he was asked to explain what happened to him until an ambulance arrived at the scene and carried him away for treatment.

Reports revealed that the victim was taken to John F. Kennedy, a state-owned medical center in Sinkor, a hamlet of Monrovia. Meanwhile, the residents of Duport Road and its neighboring communities who were startled by the man’s painful condition after the breeze of the news stung them into the scene culd not identify the man.

On visiting the nearby drainage where the man’s manhood was hewed, the piece of his cut penis was found there, No could explain why the ambulance that carried the man to the hospital did not remove the piece of penis from the drainage.

Different opinions have continued to be aired as to why the victim’s manhood would have been cut off. While some said he was a thief who was caught and rewarded with the chop off of his penis, other said that maybe was he was caught having a sexual affair with somebody’s wife. Some others said that his manhood might have been cut off while he tried to rape somebody.