Man Kills Three Police Officers And Injures Three Others On His 29th Birthday

A man who has been identified as Gavin Eugene Long from Kansas City sent three policemen to their grave and meted out injuries to three others with a gunshot. Reports reveal that Eugene Long shot the six persons at Baton Rouge the day he had his birthday.

Pictures of Gavin Eugene Long

CBS News gathered that Long was a one-time Marine who was discharged honourably after he had achieved the rank of Sergeant. He later became a Self-styled “Alpha-preneur” and Life Coach under the name of Cosmo Setepenra.

At about 8:29am on Sunday morning, someone alerted the Police and reported that there was a man in a complete black attire, had his face covered with a mask and armed with a long gun along the street. On response to the complaint made by the person, Gavin Eugene Long started releasing his bullets which ended up killing three policemen with one policeman in a critical medical condition and leaving two others with non-life threatening injuries.

While they continued to exchange bullets, the 29-year-old Long was killed. Reports reveal that Long worked alone.

Pictures of Gavin Eugene Long