Man Gets Police to Arrest a Lady Who accused him of Being a Fraudster and Ritualist

A young man called Abiodun Abdulahi Akinlawon has gotten Police to arrest a young lady whom he said accused him of being a ritualist and fraudster. According to what happen, the arrested lady, Motunrayo took to her Instagram page to indict him of being a suspected ritualist and fraudster.


Motunrayo alleged that he is an internet fraudster who is currently planning to flee from Nigeria to Dubai. In addition, she accused him of been caught while he tried to perform a ritual on a woman. A day after the accusation online, the young man reported her to the Police whom got her arrested for smearing his image.

Thereafter, Abiodun shared the video and pictures taken during her apprehension on Facebook. In the picture, the lady was not properly dressed and she was handcuffed.

One now wonders if that is any way legal. Is this legally proper?


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