Lynxxx Turns Gospel Rapper, Says he is starting over

Lynxxx, a Nigerian secular Rapper has switched his entire musical rhythm and tone to gospel. He released a new single titled, “Serve You” where he sang about his past life. He said he was not close to God and he is starting afresh.


The Delta state born rapper announced his spanking song on his Instagram page and why he has decided to move into gospel rap.

According to the Lynxxx, he has been through an evolution and has attained Growth and gratefully wisdom beyond his imagination. Explaining why he took a break from the entertainment industry for three years, he said that sometimes to shoot forward beyond what one can imagine requires a pull back. He also added that he needed to assess a few things, look after his personal side life and develop his craft in his chosen career to ensure he gives his fans the best of him.
The now new gospel rapper, Lynxxx reveals that God is amazing and he has learned in profundity in so a little time. He says it is all about positive vibes and doing things the right way. In accordance with him, it is new beginning for him in all sphere of his life. He also reveals that his new project would revolve within the circle of his testimony and even in his party/commercial records.