Igbosere Magistrate, a suburb of Lagos state witness a tragic scene as a lawyer slumped and gave up the ghost right inside the court house. The lawyer was identified as Chidi and he had clients, Okedairo Okedeji, 38 and Akolade Agbola, 28 who were charged to court on 29 February for an alleged theft of meat and snail that were worth 28,000.00 naira at Southern Sun Hotel in Ikoyi, Lagos.
The Lawyer was said to have arrived late to court before the case was adjourned till April 14th due to heavy traffic that held him up on his way. He apologized before Magistrate F.M Dalley in the court house on behalf of his defendants for coming late and was pleading for a change of the adjourned date because according to him, it would not be convenient for him.
According to police prosecutor, the lawyer started coughing uncontrollably and gasping for breathe while he has pleading for a change in the adjourned date. He further revealed that in the process of the plea, the lawyer started shouting in Igbo language “Obim, Obim!!” That is “my chest, my chest!!”
Immediately, he was rushed out of the court room. Efforts were made by his defendants to get him a cab to the hospital but before the cab arrived, he had kicked the bucket. He was later confirmed dead at the Lagos Island General Hospital.