Latest 11 Free Email Service Provider 2016

Are you looking for a free email service? Search no more because this article contains more than ten free email service providers and so you have got to be picky in making a choice or maybe use all of them depending on what you want to use them for. For any free email service you choose, there is a good reward attached to it. The reward may possibly be a fast and functional web interface, unlimited storage, effective spam filtering, access through desktop and mobile email programs and many more.

Free Email Service

List of the 11 Free Email Service

  • AIM Mail
  • Gmail
  • Inbox by Gmail
  • iCloud Mail
  • and GMX Mail
  • My Way Mail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Yandex.Mail
  • Zoho Mail

AIM MailAIM Mail:

AIM Mail (AOL) is a free email service that is web-based and shines with unlimited online storage space. It has a productive and easy to use web interface and a commendable spam protection. However, it is depleted of certain productivity ( that is, it has no label, message threading and smart folders) but with an efficient IMAP and POP access, AIM Mail makes up of for some of the features it lacks. AIM Mail Description| More>>





Gmail is a free email service provider with practically free online storage space that enables you to collect all your messages and Gmail. It is the Google approach to chat and email. It consists of smart interface that allows you to find mail with precision and view it in its contextual nature without any effort. It puts background advertising just next to the emails you read. With its powerful IMAP and POP access, you can access your email with any email device or program. Gmail Description| More>>


Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail:

Inbox by Gmail is an optional interface to Gmail that is targeted towards helping you to manage your email and the information in those emails with uncountable tools and fresh approaches. Though they are helpful, they are confusing and overwhelming especially at first. Inbox by Gmail Description| More>> offers you 5GB to store your mail online and a highly polished, effective and fast way to access it through either POP in your email program or via the web (including free-form label, speedy search and reading mail by conversation). Unfortunately, does not give support to IMAP access. Interestingly, its tools for organizing mail could be improved with self-teaching or smart folders.| More>>


iCloud Mail


iCloud Mail:

iCloud Mail is a free email service from Apple. It has more than enough storage, an amazing functional web application and IMAP access. It has interface at that does not offer labels or other more advanced tools for productivity and organization of mail. However, it does not support access to other email accounts and also POP access to iCloud Mail is missing. iCloud Description| More>> and GMX Mail and GMX Mail: and GMX Mail are free email services that are quite reliable because it is well filtered of viruses and spam. It has an unlimited online storage space that can be used with a productive web interface and mobile apps. It has POP and IMAP access available as a paid and GMX Mail Description| More>>




My Way Mail

My Way Mail:

My Way Mail is a free email service provider that is not particularly advanced. It is deficient of secure messaging and other advanced, non-essential features. However, it is clean, fast and fun to operate. My Way Mail Description| More>>

It is a free email service that can offer more help in composition and organization of mail. It has almost unlimited storage which is accessible on a web with a rich and supportive interface. It’s also accessible using IMAP, POP and ExchangeSync in email programs on mobile device and desktop. Note that, is also referred to as or Description| More>>



Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail:

Yahoo is an everywhere or ubiquitous email program on the web, mobile devices, Window 8. It has unlimited storage, social networking, SMS texting and instant messaging to boot. Generally, Yahoo Mail is wonderful to use as it has smart folders and free-form labeling that are nice in addition to spam filter that can catch junk more efficiently. Yahoo Mail Description| More>>





Yandex.Mail provides a full, usable and rich email experience web powerful web access, mobile applications, POP and IMAP access as well as unlimited storage space. In Yandex.Mail, functions like e-cards, reminders, message, keyboard shortcuts and templates help in handling mail with fun and of course, effectiveness. Yandex.Mail can function as a full we-based IMAP client. Its rules could be more versatile and the text snippets can support templates. Yandex.Mail Description| More>>




Zoho Mail:

Zoho Mail is a solid as well as email service with full storage POP and IMAP access, some integration with online office suites and instant messaging. Though it is for professional users,  Zoho Mail is more useful in identifying key messages and contacts, organizing mail and sending often used replies. Zoho Mail Description| More>>