LAGOS: Man Stabs His Twin Brother While Asleep

A 27-year-old Mfom John inhumanely stabbed his twin brother, Isreal John to death while he was snoozing. The ugly incident happened on Monday at Olrunkemi Street in the Somolu area of Lagos. According to reports, Mfom stabbed his twin beother more than 70 times at various parts of his body too severe that he could not survive it.

Though no one knew the bone of contention but the residents as well as the relatives unveiled that the suspect, Mfom had posed threats to eliminate his brother, Isreal each time they had misunderstanding. According to Christopher who was their neighbor and third occupant of the room, Mfom carried out his death threat on his brother at around 6am when his twin brother, Isreal was at dead to the world. Unknown to Mfom, Christopher was at the kitchen roasting groundnut while he penetrated his sinister intent. The kitchen was said to be less than 10 feet away from the single room apartment.
After he had killed his brother and left him in the pool of his own blood, he was said to have ran to a neighbouring street called Ogunbadejo to report to their uncle that his brother had been badly injured during a combat.
While he followed his uncle and wife to the house around 7am, a team of policemen from the Pedro dividion had already arrived to remove the corpse. It was the interrogation of Christopher that led to the arrest of Mfom, the culprit.
According to Bidemi, their neighbor, the two brothers were working in a restaurant owned by their brother. He said that the Akwa Ibom twin brothers had danced together on Sunday jubilating over the generator they had bought.
Meanwhile, a co-worker who preferred anonymity said that the twin brothers had parallel personalities. While he described Mfom as imperious, he said that Isreal was calm and always at the receiving end of his brother’s malevolence.
Their elder brother complained bitterly about their troublesomeness, saying that the duo twins were thorn in his flesh. He said that he had brought them all the way from their village in Akwa Ibom to Lagos so that their mother could have some relief and a rest of mind.
However, the case has been transferred to the SDCI for the required action.