Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Accuses Bianca Ojukwu, Says She Is Promiscuous And She Broke Ojukwu’s Heart

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
Nigeria’s ex-beauty queen and the wife of the late Biafran warlord, Bianca Ojukwu has been accused by Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, the daughter of a former governor of Oyo state for causing heartbreak for her late husband, Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu

 Kemi alleged that Bianca lost her crown as queen due to promiscuity. The former governor’s daughter said she is not a mental case as alleged by the former beauty queen.
However, the daughter of the former governor of Oyo State revealed how the ex-beauty queen, Bianca Ojukwu broke the Biafra Hero, Odimegwu Ojukwu’s heart.
 Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo in an exclusive interview with said the former beauty queen broke Ojukwu’s heart by lying about her virginity and sleeping around with older men. Kemi told that all Bianca wanted from the late Biafra warlord was fame and money.
The rift between Kemi and Bianca started after the former called the later a mental case. Bianca had also called Kemi a deportee. During the interview, Kemi who was deported from Canada in August 2012 said she is not a fugitive as Bianca accused. “She called me names that I did not like, she called me a fugitive, I am not a fugitive, I said that in my pulse interview, I am not wanted in the United States,” Kemi said.
 “I am not a mental patient, I am not insane, I know more about Bianca than she thinks I know,” she said. Kemi said she lives between Nigeria and America and is permitted into Canada whenever she deems it fit. “I live in between Nigeria and America, my children are Americans and I am a US resident; my green card was given to me by a president, President Bill Clinton, it was an award, so all these stuff they talk about, I am not wanted anywhere,” Kemi said.
Giving an insight to the charges against her in the US at a time, Kemi said: “I was charged with abandoning my kid in the middle of the road after I had a car accident.” “My son had autism, he punched me in the face and somebody died in the other car. I have granted interviews about that. “And then when I left America, they wanted me to come to the place, I had already left with my family and they declared me wanted. And when I got to Canada, Canada said how can she be wanted? When was this case? 2003, Why did you not try this case since then,” she said. And they said: “Ooh! She is already gone, she’s been gone, and now she’s in Canada.” While she denied hiding from any authority, Kemi said she lives a public life and not worried about being arrested.
 “I live a public life, so you can’t say I am wanted, I am on Wikipedia for god’s sake. Look at what the police said about me in Canada after I was deported – a political deportation – they said I did a great job,” she said. She continued: “I have a visa to go to Canada any time I wanted, it was member of the parliament that helped me write a letter to the prime minister to keep me, he later became a prime minister himself. She added that all things said about her life in the US and Canada are all lies.
“For Bianca to even be calling on me – a Canadian deportee. Yes, I was deported; she was recalled as an ambassador which is worse? “Anyway I called Fani-Kayode and I told him, I want to talk about Bianca’s relationship with Ojukwu, I am going to talk about everything, but he said I should leave him out of it. “Do you know I have not seen Femi and I have not seen Bianca either since that time – since 1982 – when I left England? Every time Femi had to invite me to all the things he does in Abuja, I haven’t got the time to go,” she said.
On Bianca’s relationship with her step children, Kemi said the beauty queen is at loggerheads with the children of Ojukwu. “I am closer to Ojukwu’s children and Ojukwu than some people even know, those children, they want nothing to do with Bianca. They are fighting her tooth and nail for assets.
“The money disappeared, the money that she and that commissioner – I have forgotten his name – the money disappeared,” she said.
She also said Bianca’s promiscuity led to the loss of her crown. Bianca won the Miss Intercontinental in 1989 – the first Nigerian to win an international beauty pageant. However, she resigned in the 90s after several scandals trailed her career including her marriage to Ojukwu who was thirty years older than her. She is the daughter of a former governor of Anambra state, Christian Onoh.
Kemi said: “She was so promiscuous, some of Bianca’s friends told me she was pregnant again for Fani-Kayode, this time she went to abort it because she and Fani-kayode were not going out anymore.” “This girl lost her crown because of all her promiscuous behaviour, she is supposed to be a role model for all these beauty queens today.
“My father and Ojukwu were very close and I remember when Ojukwu married Bianca. Governor Onoh disowned her – her own father was a governor too – and slapped Ojukwu in the face. Everybody calls that the slap that was heard all over Nigeria.
“Governor Onoh was also my father’s friend, all these people were governors for three months before Buhari took over.
She concluded saying: “That is all I have to say about Bianca Ojukwu, if I continue it’s going to be worse for her.”
“Bottom-line is everybody hears about Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, nobody knows me. Nobody has ever met me. When they meet me they start screaming about how different I am in person, there’s nothing different about me, I am just about the truth; whenever I speak, I speak about the truth.
“Like Bianca said in her statement, all the way to pastors, and my own family members and that’s why I tell the truth about my father and siblings and everybody. I don’t like liars, I don’t like lies,” Kemi said.