Dr. Livinus Chinedu Nosike is one out of many in the petroleum industry that knows his onions. His penchant for anything that has to do with petroleum resources has turned him an authority in the Oil and Gas sector.

He has gained for himself deep insight, widened the horizon of his knowledge and sharpened his dexterity and skills in the field of petroleum. Passionate about improving the oil and gas sector and lavishly equipping the young people with the petroleum know-how to enable them fulfill their dreams, Dr Nosike established an Integrated Elvee Service Oil and Gas (IESOG), the first indigenous fully integrated petroleum geoscience training and services to make it easier for them.

Livinus Nosike

On the occasion of his 41st birthday anniversary, Dr Nosike expounded on his vision and purpose of his IESOG (Integrated Elvee Service Oil and Gas). During his interview with Mary Chinda, he revealed how interested individuals will participate in the training and the vast opportunities that are open for them.

Read the Interview below:

Interview with Dr Livinus Chinedu Nosike, a Recognized Authority in the Oil and Gas Sector at the Event of his 41st Birthday Anniversary.


Mary Chinda: Doctor, today is important to you I guess. So what does this birthday signify to you?

Dr Livinus Nosike: First I thank God for his grace and the strength, health and passion to come this far. I tell people that birthday trend has two curves, the upward and the downward. From 40 years, it is time to start looking back to give to society, to leave a legacy, to do what we have always wanted to do.

Mary Chinda: Talking about giving back to society, what are you doing for youths in Enugu?

Dr Livinus Nosike: It is not just for Enugu, it’s for the whole Nigeria. We are giving young people and all who can still show the passion a chance to get into the oil and gas industry. The industry is evolving, with changing oil price there is a call for diversification of oil resources. Today we talk not only of crude oil as in the Niger Delta, but of shale gas, biofuel and coal liquefaction for petroleum products. Enugu is becoming a focal point because of the vast tons of coal seams that can serve to generate energy and petroleum products.

Mary Chinda: How will you describe the scholarships you sponsor?

Dr Livinus Nosike: You will recall that I myself I am a beneficiary of a major scholarship for my later academic and work training. The intension was to train few of us who will understudy the International Oil Companies and then pass on this knowledge to others. It was not easy to train a handful at international levels for many years, but it is even less easy for us now to train thousands of Nigerians locally. We have just started offering scholarships for this phase of the technological knowledge transfer processes.

Mary Chinda: Why are you doing the current training for Enugu Youths?

Dr Livinus Nosike: Like never before, since the defunct coal era in Enugu, has there been this will to revamp the Enugu coal. Not as the old technology, but with integration of CO2 or Green House Gas capture and sequestration to abate pollution. As well as use the coal for power and petroleum products. There have been recent talks between the State government and South African investors and other stakeholders. Integrated Elvee Services Limited (IES) is as well involved – we are preparing the youths for the upcoming opportunities.

Mary Chinda: How can anyone interested benefit?

Dr Livinus Nosike: All you need is show the interest. If this training had required heavy cost, people will complain of affordability. If we announce a scholarship with selected candidates going abroad to train, or assuring everyone they will be part of our recruitment for coal extraction and oil and gas services hands, then everyone will come. Ready or not. So we look out for motivation, we look out for commitments. People show interest by first registering for the course. It is left for IES Oil and Gas (iESog) to do the rest.

Mary Chinda: Thank you Dr for your time and the occasion to share this topic, even as we celebrate this birth day with you.

Dr Livinus Nosike: Thank you.

Dr Livinus Nosike holds a PhD in Sciences of the Universe – Tectonics and Petroleum Geology, from the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France, following a development of talent award to study for his postgraduate education in Europe. He worked in technical centres in different countries, onshore and offshore, before returning to work in Nigeria. He is a Member of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists


Dr Nosike is the author of the book: OVERVIEW OF THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY – A New Perspective in the Saga of the Oil and Gas Struggle. The book is now available in bookshops in every State of Nigeria


He is the Founder of IES Oil and Gas (iESog), the first fully-integrated indigenous oil and gas training and services firm with the aim of equipping every Nigerian with petroleum knowledge.


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