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Introduction of is a free online service that offers you 5GB to store your mail online and also provides you with a highly polished, functional and fast way to access it through POP in your email program or the web (including free-form labels, reading email by chat and speedy search.

Note that IMAP access is not supported by and its tools for arranging mail could be developed with self-teaching or smart folders. In some countries where cell phone verification can be a nuisance, installing a browser toolbar to active your account may entertain some challenges. This is because cell phone may be needed to install the browser toolbar.

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Description of

  • Messages up to a size of 30MB can be sent
  • It offers free web-based email with 2GB online storage or 5GB (UK/US/CA) and POP access
  • From automatic download, you can block remote images in emails so as to protect your privacy.
  • Emails integrates to some extent with calendar, file storage, notes and photo galleries
  • You can arrange mail using custom folders, stars, filters and free labels
  • It allows you to view mail in threads
  • It gives support to rich HTML formatting in outgoing messages
  • It can filer spam with the use of different challenge or response mechanism
  • It a offers up to 30 GB storage and daily backups for a fee

Pros of

  • It includes virus filtering and solid spam
  • It offers 5GB of online mailbox space and POP access
  • Its fast web interface consists of rich text editing, free-form labels and threading
Cons of
  • In order to active your account; you may need a cell phone to install a browser toolbar.
  • It does not give support to digital signatures and encrypted mail.
  • It does not give IMAP access.
  • It does not have smart folders used for automatic organization.

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