Prequel to the amalgamation of Nigeria as one nation in 1918, the different ethnic groups that constitute Nigeria had lived in unalloyed harmony appreciating their uniqueness and similarities. Nigeria’s problem started with British colonization and the dust they raised in merging us as one nation has not cleared till date even though they have long gone away from Nigeria.

The freedom from British colonialism lodged Nigeria into a bondage of freedom within herself. A house divided against itself doesn’t stand and that was exactly the drama that was displayed after our independence in 1960. Internal conflict that was concealed before the independence erupted, cats were set among the pigeons and the trouble in co-habiting in unity despite our diversity doubled and aggravated into unmistakable hatred and hostility and indiscriminate discrimination which won’t have being had amalgamation didn’t take place. History shows that our fragmented divisions have proved stubborn and futile to cement strongly. The slanderous speeches and

It’s not about singing “Uniting As One” like many Nigeria’s musicians have done and writing the quintessence of “Unity In Diversity” like the Nigeria’s authors have done. It’s about “Accepting What We Cannot Change”. Since we have tried “Unity In Diversity” and there’s no beam of hope that a lasting result will spring up, then let’s try “Division As Separate Entity” just as we were before the advent of British in Nigeria.