iCloud Mail – Free Email Service

Introduction of iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is a free email service provider from Apple with more than enough storage space, IMAP access and an very functional web application. The interface at icloud.com does not offer labels or more advanced tools for productivity and organization of mail. It does not support access to other email accounts.

iCloud Mail

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Description of iCloud Mail

  • iCloud Mail can be set up to automatically forward all incoming mail
  • The iCloud address book coordinates with Outlook, OS X and iOS devices.
  • For sending files, iCloud Mail gives support to Mail Drop and traditional attachments which makes documents uo to 5GB in size available for easy download to all recipients.
  • Though its precision is not perfect but a spam filter finds most junk email
  • An iCloud account can be established using IOS and OS X
  • The three email aliases allow you to set up optional identities and addresses for use at icloud.com
  • VIP senders which are synchronized with OS X Mail have their messages automatically collected in special views
  • The auto-responder of iCloud Mail answers incoming mail on your behalf while you are away from your email
  • It is possible to create a new iCloud Mail account using OS X and iOS  (iPad touch, iPhone and iPad)
  • It offers free email accounts with 5GB online storage space which is shared with calendars, backups, documents, etc. However, more space can be bought
  • It has Archive folder and button that helps keep your inbox clean without so much effort.
  • Its accessibility through IMAP makes it easy to be set up in iPhone, OS X Mail and iPad Mail as well as in Outlook. Meanwhile, iCloud Mail IMAP works in most other email programs.
  • Searching mail in any folder by subject, sender, recipient, the complete message and header text is possible
  • It has filters which automatically sort out messages to folders on the basis of simple criteria, forward them to another email address or delete them entirely.
  • The rich web interface of the iCloud Mail at icloud.com imitates a desktop application. With the help of swift keyboard shortcuts as well as dragging and dropping, it is easy to use.

Pros of iCloud Mail

  • The keyboard shortcuts make iCloud Mail on the web very effective to operate
  • It offers free email account that is accessible through IMAP and on the web
  • The web interface of iCloud Mail at icloud.com lacks advertisement
Cons of iCloud Mail
  • To get iCloud Mail itself, OS X, iOS or Mac are required; hence, other email accounts are not accessible in iCloud Mail on the web
  • It lacks labels and search folders; its search options and filters including Spam filter could provide more precision.

Visit their Website here