Politicians should spare us this their patriotic talk. All the time, they preach patriotism but some are hardly true patriots. Is that not an irony? Most of them pretend to be patriots when they want to service their private pocket.

When it comes to patronage to Nigeria’s products, followers level of patronage surpass that of political leaders. They seldom patronise the Nigeria’s services and commodities. Once they fall ill perhaps they have cough and malaria, they travel abroad to obtain medical treatment. Nigeria has oil but politicians prefer to export the crude oil and patronise foreign refineries and then import the refined oil at an exorbitant price.
Nigerian Politicians should be GOOD PATRIOTS
Nigeria has a number of tertiary institutions but politicians prefer to send their children overseas for studies. Every corners of Nigeria are small and large markets but politicians love to travel to Dubai for shopping. Nigeria’s population is one of the largest and there are local manpower resources but politician love to give contracts to foreign manpower. The only thing politicians patronize well is the country’s national treasure. Some of them develop flair for looting public funds through cunning means. Maybe, that is patronage for them.