Gmail – Free Email Service

Introduction of Gmail

Gmail is a free email service provider which has Google approach to email and chat. It has practically unlimited free of charge online storage that allows you to collect every of your messages. Gmail is simple and it has very smart interface that allows you find mail accurately and see it in context with ease. Gmail adds contextual or background advertising next to the email device or program. You can access your email with any email device or program using powerful POP and IMAP.


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Description of Gmail

  • It gives free email accompanied with 15GB storage space which is shared with other Google services like Drive. However, you can purchase additional storage.
  • POP and IMAP access, Exchange ActiveSync (available for Google Applications for Education, Business and Government), forwarding, SMS and web applications are capable of bringing your mail to many a program and device.
  • Next to mail, Gmail shows background ads (advertising) which are automatically matched to keywords found in messages.
  • It connects to Google Talk, enabling you to IM, group and video chat
  • It has filters which help to organize, forward and respond with a canned reply. You can also use templates for new messages.
  • Its integration with Google Calendar allows you send invitations and create events.
  • With Gmail, it is possible to collect mail from up to five POP accounts and use their email addresses or others in the From: line of mail you send.
  • Inbox by Gmail offers a highly functional and dissimilar interface/border to a Gmail account.
  • Input tools offer virtual keyboards, handwriting recognition, transcription and IMEs
  • It gives support to rich text formatting and has the ability to display many an attachment type (Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Word, etc).
  • Its incorporation with Google Drive allows you to directly save received files to your Drive account and send  files (that is up to 10GB in size) easily.
  • Under iOs and Android, applications offer fast access
  • It has a spam filter which tries to sort out the fraud and junks as well as filter viruses and worms
  • If you have Google+ profiles, It has the ability to pick up shared contact details (locations, email, phone numbers, address, etc) in your Google+ profiles and automatically update the address book. Note that it is very possible to comment on Google+ posts and also follow other people’s comment.
  • With starring and custom colour label, you can neatly arrange threads (conversations).
  • It has inbox tabs that sort out certain mail automatically to separate tabs.
  • It contains search options which help to find mail in a fast way.

Pros of Gmail

  • It has sorting, starring and searching that allows you trace and organize emails and conversation
  • It gives free POP or IMAP access and you can send from any address
  • Its rich and fast web interface works offline effectively
Cons of Gmail
  • Its free online storage is limited to 15GB
  • It does not provide support for secured and encrypted mail
  • It helps to organize more mails with reply suggestions or learning label
  • When searching mails, it is not that smart and comfortable as using Google to search the web.

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