GLO: Check How Your Data Is Used

You may have noticed that while you are online perhaps about to start enjoying what you are browsing or carry out some online works, download an app or watch a video, your data will automatically finish, hence preventing you from doing all that. Sometimes, it could be frustrating and you complain,

In this, I will show you how your GLO data is used, so that you become aware of it and it will guide you in making good use of your data. Instead of surf through unnecessary things on the internet, you can go down to the business of what you came online to do except you do not mind whether your data finishes or not. 
In descending order, the table below shows how much of your data is used and what you do online that can consume it.
Browse the web for 600 hours or Use your mobile as modem or Watch 60 hours of viseo streaming
Browse the web for 200 hours or Watch 20 hours of video or Check 40,000 emails
Browse the web for 200 hours or Watch 4 hours of video or Check 10,000 emails
Browse the web for 10 hours or Watch 50mins of video streaming or Check 2000 emails
This data usage guides you based on the assumptions as follow: YouTube streaming = 2MB per minute, Web browsing =10MB per hour, Email = 50KB per email.
This is called Data Calculator. It enables you to know how much of your data is consumed or even how much data you need to carry out something online.