GLO Automatic And Manual Internet Settings For Fast Browsing

Glo Network Company is one of the fastest growing African telecommunication networks. In the community of telecommunication market in Nigeria, GLO can be indubitably recognized as one of the predominant leading mobile service provider.

The GLO company has tirelessly continued to expand coasts in establishing its presence in other countries for instance, Benin Republic. It has gained licenses to start operating in other neighboring African nations like Ivory Coast and Ghana.
However, GLO company has designed a made easy way to automatically set the internet services in your phone and configure GLO on mobile phones.
To know where your device is Data/GPRS enebled, look beside the network bar and you will see the display of EDGE/GPRS?H+3G there. If you see any, you are good to go.
Glo Automatic Internet Settings:
GLO is configured in many ways in your phone for browsing. Send PHONE MODEL to 927 e.g. Nokia E8 to 927. Ensure you save the settings in your phone. This is to enable you to have an internet access.
GLO Manual Configuration Settings
Your GLO line is configured through the following steps

  • Account Name: GLO 
  • Homepage : 
  • Username : wap 
  • Password : wap 
  • Access Point Names (APN) : glosecure 
  • Proxy Address or ID : 
  • Port : 8080