Gladys Hooper, the Britain’s Oldest Person Dies Age at 113

Gladys Hooper who is the Britain’ oldest person is dead. Hoper was born the same year aeroplane was invented. Last year, Hooper broke the Guinness World Record for been the oldest person to go through a hip replacement operation.

Images of Glays Hooper

In 1922, Mrs Hooper got married to Leslie, her late husband but he later died in 1988 leaving Glays Hooper a widow. However, Leslie died during the World War and he was a pilot I the Flying Corps. According to her son, Derek Hermiston who is 85 years old, his mother, Gladys died in Ryde on the Isle of Wight, a nursing home she lived.

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Images of Glays HooperImages of Glays HooperImages of Glays Hooper