Get Free Maths Test for Kids| Sign Up| is a creation of Alan Walker. It is an educational resources website whose objective is to help parents and teachers to teach multiplication skills to their kids. With the Free Maths Test from, teachers and parents receive insight to track the progress of students as they learn the fundamental math facts.



Signing up is easy and also free. It aids students to progress through the math facts. As a teacher, will help you to teach with stories and pictures, classroom activities, tests and quizzes for students.

As a parent, the free online multiplication games will assist you to ascertain the multiplication skills of your kids have acquired.

More About is a supplementary of Krimstem Publishing, Inc. Due to the fact that it is an anline educational resources website, they offer free online tests and quizzes, games, activities, lessons and teaching tips. In addition, they sell flashcards, books, tests, quizzes and other products online.

The teaching tips of this website i.e help educators and parents to teach multiplication skills to their kids in a more understandable way. So, it is highly recommended for schools, teachers and parents.

How to Sign Up|Get Free Maths Test

  1. To get started, visit the Multiplication web portal at
  2. At the top right of the webpage, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button
  3. At the sign up page, there are three options provided to sign up as either parent, teacher or student
  • Free parent account grants you access to link to the school account of your child. Create a free account for your child, print reports and view the growth of your child
  • A free teacher account allows you to create free student accounts, monitor the progress of students, assess student progression and manage students. View and print reports and manage parent access
  • A student account helps you learn the addition, subtraction and multiplication facts. It also helps you practice with math games, play games with others as well as track your progress.

When you choose the account that suits your need, simply follow the instruction to complete the process of Sign Up

How to Get Free Maths Test from

  • Log on to the portal, click on ‘Resources’ button on the top of the web page. Under the drop down menu, click on the ‘Online Tests and Quizzes’
  • Carefully, move through the various types of test and select the one that meets your needs
  • You can get the quiz that fits the material that you have covered in class so far. Click on the part of the multiplication tables that you have so far studied up to
  • This will activate a quiz that is appropriate to be generated automatically. Start Free Maths Test by pressing ‘Start’

If you encounter any problem during the step of sign up multiplication or you have question to ask, you can make use of our comment box below or click on this link;