Frustrated Kenyan Detective Goes Crazy, Shoots Seven Colleagues to Death

On Thursday, 14th July at the Kapenguria Police Station, a Kenyan Policeman splurged in shooting which resulted in killing seven of his fellow colleagues and among them was a member of hostage response team. Also among those whom he killed was Officer Dennis Momany from Coy Ruiru who just got married dew weeks ago.

Pictures of Kenya Police Officer
Officer Dennis that was shot dead. He wedded few weeks ago

The attacker identified as Abdilhakim Maslah opened fire on other officers which led to a hostage situation. At first, Police had suspected that the attacker had ties to the group called al-Shabab Jihadist.

The Police said that Abdilhakim Maslah, a Station Guard left work on Wednesday night but came back to the station soon after 5am on Thursday and began shooting.

In accordance with a separate statement from the Police to the Media, the police officer revealed that for reason yet to be known by them, Maslah went mentally deranged, seized a gun and started shooting. The statement also exposed that the officer who was shooting masked himself with a turban that covered up his entire face, which left them to speculate as they had suspected that he was a terrorist.

The Kenyan Police Inspector General, Joseph Boinnet had earlier said in a statement that the commandos in an attempt to quench the confrontation by Maslah surrounded the Police Station, hence frustrating his attempts to escape.

Quoting the West Pokot County Commissioner, Wilson Wanyanga, the Nation Kenya reports that Five Police detectives including a Senior Officer were among those shot dead. In addition, KTN Kenya stated that six officers had been dead in Kapenguria.  Meanwhile, Joseph Boinnet, the Kenya’s Police Chief said that before the face-off was arrested to normalcy, the Police Commandos were deployed to save the prisoners who were held at the station.

Among all the police officers killed, only one worked at the station. Wilson Wanyanga, the Pokot County Commissioner said that the station commander was among them.

However, Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta has sent a condolence message to the colleagues and families of the victim.

Pictures of Kenya Police Officer
Maslah, the Frustrated SKenya Officer who shot his colleagues to death

Pictures of Kenya Police OfficerPictures of Kenya Police OfficerPictures of Kenya Police OfficerPictures of Kenya Police OfficerPictures of Kenya Police Officer